1. P

    The Ambarella Hack Development Kit

    My thread on this at GoPrawn has received a good bit of attention, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to put it here too. AHDK is a CHDK/Magic Lantern clone for Ambarella-based devices. Although Ambarella cameras are already hackable, AHDK extends that and adds a UI, Tetris, and the ability to...
  2. H


    Hello everyone, I bought mini 0805 with gps from gearbest (link from 0805 dashcam review) for 57.99 it was flash sale (still continues ) but wonder if it could be fake not real or 0803 I heard about gearbest not good things Did anyone get mini 0805 from GB? Your replies is highly appreciated
  3. KEHAN

    KEHAN K700 Ambarella A7 Dashcam 1296P 175° View Angle

    KEHAN K700- 2.7" 1296P Car Dash Cam 175°Viewing Angle Ambarella A7 with G-Sensor HDR Night Vision Motion Detection Details: Resolution HDR 2560*1080 30fps, 2304*1296 30fps, 1920*1080 60fps, 1920*1080 30fps, 1280*720 60fps; Motion detection...
  4. Fusion Next

    Fusion Next just release FNMultiCam iOS version for testing (can support multi-platform)

    We are please release FNMulticam iOS version for testing , please download as follow link : There are key features : 1.One app support multi-platform : AMBA, NTK,AIT, OTUS 2.Local camera (phone camera) support , use can use remote cam & local cam...
  5. S


    Has anyone tried the HAB201 or heard much about it? It's part of the same series as the DAB201, 205, 207, etc., and has the same model of Ambarella chip and records in 2560 x 1440 with a 150 degree angle of view, BUT, has the additional feature of being housed in a rear view mirror. I like the...
  6. D

    STORAGE_IO_ERROR after a few days of continuous writing

    Does anyone know how to solve STORAGE_IO_ERROR error without manual camera rebooting? Please note that it is happening usually after a few days of continuous timelapse shooting and there is enough free space on SD card. Just at some some moment camera gets problems with accessing SD card (no...
  7. Tobi@s

    Ambarella command line tools

    Hello again, it's been some time since I posted something like this but thats cause I was busy with studying. But I wasn't completely lazy during that time. As a kind of programming practice I started to develop some Ambarella command line tools using C. My goal is to develop all the features...
  8. Huib

    Ambarella Mini 0803 in a city service bus in the Netherlands

    Chaps, I purchased a Mini0805 but got a Mini0803. Till now this device works. I use it sometimes in a city service bus. Normally it rewrites the files and only when there is "something to see" I keep the files. Wih this footage I made a compilation and put this in YouTube: It is not the...
  9. Fenix

    G90 Ambarella A7 missing minutes

    The video quality is great with the G90 A7, but I'm having issues with gaps in the recording. Some clips are longer, some are cut off. I'm using a 32gb Samsung EVO microsd I haven't checked which firmware version I have, but it did have some mic problems so I just turned the sound off. Power is...