android connection

  1. Y

    Connection to build car navigation system

    Hello, everyone, I bought new build car navigation system (Junsun V1 pro) and I would like to pair it with my 70mai Dash Cam Pro. This navigation has got an option to pair itself with its own dashcam. But, i wouldn't like to replace my 70mai Dash Cam Pro. I would like to know your opinion: Is...
  2. En_croute

    DDPai M6+ Android connection issues

    Hi, Dashcam newbie here,but reasonably tech savy. Following TechMoan's review,I bought the DDPai M6+from eBay -arrived in the UK on Day 10. Yeah! 5hr drive ahead, so plonked it on the dash with some masking tape, will screen mount later. Unable to connect my Motorola X Force (Marshmallow 6.0)...