1. Blink Blink

    CLOSE CALL! Motorcycle nearly crashed into car (Front & Rear Dashcam)

    I saw the motorcycle rider in my rearview mirror and noticed the white car in front of me moving over to the right (there was no way the car in front of me could have seen the bike from that distance). I quickly moved to my left a little and gave a sharp blast of my horn as I flashed my...
  2. Mozzie

    Santa seen in Sydney

    This is my first attempt to load 1440p video as my old software could not handle 1440p. I am testing VideoPad as suggest by @old4570 - thanks.
  3. R

    Dashcam funny fails

    I bought a dashcam on eliexpress it was 50$ in special It has a good image and sound even recorded a truck missing his turn and hit light pole