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    SJ4000 basic\First batch Briked or not ?

    Good day. I have a problem with a SJ4000 non wifi camera 1,5 inch display. It was given to me from my friend because it didn't work. And i asumed that I can repair it. Looked like a firmeware problem so i started to dig in. Did my research and i saw it's pretty common. When i got it i saw the...
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    CF-100 stopped working - help?

    Guys, e few weeks ago, I posted here because I had found out that my rear cam was not filming anymore: After some tests, I tried to reinstall the last update: copied the update file on the SD card and when I started the...
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    CF-100 - problem with rear cam

    Last time I checked my CF-100's videos, I found out the rear cam stopped working properly. Actually, the rear video is just totally black. The cam still anounces "2 channel recording" when started... Has anyone allready experimented it? Any tip on what I can try to do? Format the memory card...