blank screen

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    SG9665GC Screen no longer works

    The screen of my camera no longer works, though the camera records just fine. Once I turn the car on, the "Street Guardian" logo pops up, but then it's black. I can still press the buttons as normal, I just can't see what's happening on the screen. I've tried the reset button and turning it...
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    9350 blank screen/stops working

    I did a search but no luck... I have a 9350 (which is probably outside of warranty), and I noticed last weekend the GPS wasn't working/intermittent. A jiggle of the connector and it sometimes worked and sometimes didn't. I don't know if this was a pre-cursor to imminent failure... It's...
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    Mini 0806 crashes on startup

    Hi, In May 2015 I bought two Mini 0806 dashcams. For various reasons, these were never installed until a few days ago, when I got one installed in the fiancee's car. However, it doesn't work. On startup, it makes the dingadinga sounds and displays the car startup image, then immediately...