1. H

    Transcend 520 Pro - charging question

    Hello, I have a transcend 520 pep dash cam and have a question about charging the unit. I have a cord that I plugged into my house, and powers & charges the dash cam when it’s plugged in, but I’m wondering if the unit will stay charging if I turn the power button off. I don’t need it to be...
  2. F

    Peak dashcam won't charge.

    Hello guys, a few months back I got decent dashcam and a cheap dashcam (one for up front in my car and one in the back.) The better dashcam, the $80 one, had fantastic sound and video quality, and didn't have any issues until about a month ago. For some reason, the dashcam (Peak DashCam)...
  3. S

    Can't get a full charge on BlackVue B-124 with short commute

    Hey everyone, I've searched for a good bit to find a solution to this situation and haven't had any luck finding anything. The issue is that my commute is only 10-15 minutes, so altogether there and back it's 20-30 minutes. Hence, the battery doesn't get enough time to fully charge, which with...
  4. T

    Can Xaiomi Yi film while USB powered?

    Yes guys, I know it can film while "charging" (with the battery inside) but I have read that this can be dangerous to the hardware because it stays very hot. (And I tried it, its true lol) Then, I want to know if the Xiaomi Yi can film, while USB powered but without the battery connected...
  5. graydog

    GS8000L Dash Cam.

    I bought a "New--Still in box" GS8000L Dash Cam. It works fine when it has USB power. The battery is dead or will not charge. The red light on top right comes on when it is hooked up to 1.0A charger, but light turns blue when the camera is turned off or timer turns it off and it does not...
  6. basior

    Charging light ring - switching off.

    Is there some way to disable light ring arround lens while charging? I know that I can disable all of xiaomi lights in app menu but front light still works after plugging in into usb or other charger. The reason why I'm asking is that I use xiaomi from time to time as dashcam and I simply don't...