1. Gibson99

    How does a $19 dashcam actually perform? (TMart)

    TMart asked me to review an entry-level dashcam that sells for $19 including shipping. I didn't expect much, and I didn't get much either. They say "You don't get what you don't pay for" and that's very true here - this only has the bare essentials for a dashcam. But it wasn't all bad - there...
  2. C

    Firefly 7S vs GitUp2 vs SJCAm Footage + Review

    Couple of videos I wanted to share with you all: First, sample footage only from my Firefly 7S: Next, comparison footage vs GitUp2 and SJCam: Finally, the full review. Long and short, it's an amazing camera for <$80, with very impressive photo and video capabilities. The gyro...
  3. P

    Need 24/7 360 coverage, with power banks as backup

    Hello guys.. Was 'motivated' to get cameras now that my car just got hit again, the third time in 1.5 months. They are all deep scratches, no major dents luckily. It looks like the work of a truck/lorry reversing into my vehicle or swinging the door open too damn hard. Currently I only have...
  4. A

    $16USD Cheapest Action Camera You Can Buy Review

    Here is my review on the camera
  5. palmexman

    Cheap dashcam up to 60€ - EU shipping

    Hey need your advice, looking for front dash cam at least quality like G1W from EU shipping. Can not purchase from China due to VAT in my country. Please any advice what to purchase nowadays?
  6. Henrique Dias Gonçalves

    Dashcam with backup cam input, help pls =)

    Hello guys, I am new here, but I've been reading the forum and would like to ask for your help. Here is what I am looking for in my first dash cam: - Under $150 (preferably less than $100) - Discreet (risk of being stolen) - Can stand high temperatures (I live in Rio de Janeiro, so expect...
  7. Adam3

    A118-C for $49.99 shipped

    Right now on GearBest you can get the A118-C (capacitor version) for $49.99 with free shipping. I just ordered one, so I can't really vouch for them but I post as the promo only runs in 6 days. You'll have to use this link otherwise it'll be $55. Found this on a turkish forum