cigarette lighter

  1. V

    Cigarette adapter won't charge

    Hello, *sorry for my English* Today I buy 322GW model and I follow instructions to fully charg on USB cable, so I did it like 3h and blue light is gone so fully charged, and I went to car, and before I do anything I gate alert on screen *battery low connect in the car adapter* like what's...
  2. OzAdam

    Quality of supplied cigarette lighter power adaptor for Viofo A119 Pro

    I have just purchased a Viofo A119 Pro dashcam and was wondering about the quality and fire risk of the supplied 12 to 5 volt cigarette lighter adaptor. If I recall correctly, the supplied adaptor is rated at DC 5V/3.1A, dual USB port output. The Viofo A119pro spec is listed as 5V, 1A from...