1. kromakey

    HOW to Convert RAW PHOTOS from SJCAM

  2. C

    Git up 2 raw conversion problems

    Hello fellow forumers! I have tried opening raw files from git 2 with gimp and photoshop but there is an error I saw this link http://www.gitup.com/blog/21_How-to-use-the-RAW-file-on-Git2-.html#articleComments But after I convert it the dng is half the size of the RAW and when I open it with...
  3. Superleif

    Adobe DNG converter with RAW photos from Gitup Git2 - how to?

    I like to use Adobe Lightroom to work with my photos. From my another cameras there is no problem to import the RAW photos to Lightroom. With the Gitup it's not possible. I have also tried to convert them to DNG with Adobes free converter prg. I have also tried the solution mentioned here...
  4. nurtext

    Xiaomi Yi RAW/DNG Workflow for Mac OS X

    Hi all, I've set up a small, dedicated package for doing a RAW/DNG workflow on Mac OS X. The package contains a Mac version of raw2dng (Wine-based, standalone), ExifTool for correcting black/white levels, an Automator droplet for batch conversion and a small install guide/tutorial. It is 255...