1. CaptnEric

    My RC500S Dual Channel Dash Cam not powering on

    Hi everyone, Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, but I couldn't find a solution for my problem after doing several searches. I've had my RC500s dual channel dash cam for about 3 years now. It's hard wired with the DOD hardwire kit and I have the latest firmware FWI5GEMI installed. Until...
  2. Chris Hunt

    DOD RC500S FIRMWARE Update 9/5/2017

    Latest firmware for the DOD RC500S with instructions on how to install Posted this again as I thought it might be easier to find in this thread.
  3. Chris Hunt

    How to install a 2 channel dash cam....I think?

    Had to watch this twice as i missed most of the detail the first time around... i was a bit distracted for some reason
  4. NextBase Support

    Your questions answered.

    Hello, I would like to start a thread for any questions that some of you may have that haven't been answered in previous posts or even just for clarification. Fire away :D
  5. J

    RC500S coming with INCREDIBLE low light performance

    Anyone heard about the RC500S? What do you think? Vortex Radar on youtube has a great video with what looks like incredible low light performance.
  6. R

    Video problem

    Hello, have LS460W about 6 months but now I have a problems. I uploaded a short video, see it please. Video isn't stable, it shakes.. Can anybody tell me where may be a problem? BTW where can I found latest firmware? Want to try pre-flash it again. It's not on official website. Thank you...
  7. xing0318

    LS460 at night

    this is my first ever dashcam, is night always meant to be this blurry for the dod? also when I watch back on the computer, the map window is white, but I have GPS on
  8. T

    DOD LS460W vs Transcend DrivePro

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a new dash cam, and with my relatively cheap, off-brand camera crapping out after a year of light use, I decided to increase my budget this time around. At my current price range, I narrowed my choices between DOD's LS460W and Transcend's DrivePro series, and I'm finding...
  9. R

    LS460W switches on-off-on

    Hi there, I just got a couple of DOD LS460W cameras and both have an intermittent and minor problem. I've hard wired both into our two cars. About 50% of the time the camera will come on with the ignition, stay one for a few seconds, then turn off, then immediately turn on again and function...
  10. Chris Hunt

    Dashcamscentral - Ceased Trading in May 2020

    Hi Members and Guests, We were an Australian Premium Dash Camera Business. Afetr 6 years of serving the Dashcam community we made the decison close up and move on to other ventures. Thank you to everyone that supported us along the way. Good luck with your next dash...