1. kromakey

    HOW to Convert RAW PHOTOS from SJCAM

  2. Gadgetjq

    Edit DX2 File?

    My Thinkware dashcam (X330 which has no sub category on this forum) uses a .DX2 file to warn of traffic cams and other driving hazards via the GPS. Can someone suggest a program that will edit this file? Reason: the cam alerts to the presence of "Mobile Speed Camera" along a roughly 1 mile...
  3. germany

    What Android app can edit Mobius mov files?

    After I put my Mobius microSD card in my phone (Sony Xperia z) I'm able to watch, rename and delete videos. Then I wanted to trim those video clips and tried a few editing apps from google play store but all of a sudden not a single one was working. Most of those apps just broke down while...
  4. T

    How do you review footage?

    The last thing I want to do is waste time skipping through all the footage, just to find 30 seconds that may have some interest. I want to use time wisely! A couple of thoughts: Push the 'accident' button to save the recording (might not be easy to access or safe to do so) At the end of the...