1. Blaknite

    U1000 Parking Mode Not working.

    Hi Guys, I trawled the posts for anything that might help my issue, but wasn't able to find a fix :(. I'm not sure exactly what's happening, but it's as follows. I have a U1000 dual channel kit, which is hardwired into the car. There is also a radar attachment. My HW kit states that Red -...
  2. Jax Dash Cams

    Hardwire Problem

    I have two A118 (non-capacitor) cameras in my car - one will power up with a turn of the ignition key but the other won't. I've been powering them for the past year with a dual power port (cigarette lighter style) and wires dangling around in the cabin. I wanted to clean it up so I ordered two...
  3. J

    Hardwiring a Cigarette adapter & timed shutoff

    Hello forum members! I just bought two dashcams for my car and the wife's. The cameras come with a cigarette lighter adapter for power but we'd definitely like to hardwire it into the car's electrical system instead. So I was wondering if I cut the cig adapter off and strip the wire, will...