1. M

    Best software to convert mjpg to h.264

    Anyone knows which is the best software on Windows? With batch function and distortion correction hopefully? This is to reduce the file size.
  2. LateralNW

    Suggestion for file naming convention on all Viofo equipment

    Hi all, Change the filename counter so it increments for the entire day not just per journey. This will tell you straight away if any recordings are missing. e.g File names. 2018.0124.013015.001.MP4 24/01/2018 01:30 - 01:35Hrs time recording started 2018.0124.013515.002.MP4 24/01/2018 01:35...
  3. D

    Lukas 7900 ACE - "Err 002"

    Team, Very frequently I start getting "Err002" error messages. When looking at the recordings on the flash card I see - recording 175Mb - recording 175Mb - recording 175Mb .....(Err002 message) - recordings 2.4 Mb - recordings 2.4 Mb - recordings 2.4 Mb - recordings 2.4 Mb Sometimes it...
  4. G

    File Splitting on 1.2.13 / build 23L, with 64GB microsd

    Hi everyone, i couldn't find a solution to this problem, I have file splitting with a brand new microsd from Toshiba, measured 36MB/s read and 28MB/s writing (sequential), I'm using Yi-max-movie plugin, but only bitrate lines to have 1080p60@35Mbits and 1440p30@35Mbits, I get file split after...
  5. L

    5000X ELITE – How can i protect video?

    SJcam 4000 manual says; – Press the Mode button while recording to protect a video from accidental deletion. A key icon appears on the display. But when i do it, take a photo at my 5000x. So how can i protect a file with my 5000x ?
  6. vedranius

    Xiaomi Yi 3h timelapse - most of photos are white and 324KB

    Hi all! Today I tried to take a 3h timelapse of sunrise. Connected Xiaomi Yi to Xiaomi's 10000mAh powerbank, and put a Lexar's X633 64GB. Started 0,5s timelapse with WiFi turned ON. After 3h I've stopped timelapse and found out that Xiaomi Yi is very very hot. Got on my PC, where I found out...