Xiaomi Yi 3h timelapse - most of photos are white and 324KB


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Aug 9, 2015
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Hi all!
Today I tried to take a 3h timelapse of sunrise.
Connected Xiaomi Yi to Xiaomi's 10000mAh powerbank, and put a Lexar's X633 64GB.
Started 0,5s timelapse with WiFi turned ON.
After 3h I've stopped timelapse and found out that Xiaomi Yi is very very hot.
Got on my PC, where I found out that every photo after 1:30h is white (blank) and only 324KB...
I didn't load any scripts, tried to shoot at high quality, 16M.

Anyone had this problem?

Uploaded a ZIP with 3 "photos" with that problem... :/

EDIT: Is it possible that Xiaomi Yi automatically switches camera OFF when it recognizes that photos are overexposed, as I started timelapse at night, where Yi chose ISO 1600 and F/2.8, and I didn't know that settings are set for the whole timelapse and that it wouldn't change depending on light, which ended with sunrise totally overexposed as settings didn't change.

Is there a way to set timelapse automatically change settings depending on the light?

Also, any way to manually set ISO, speed and F-stop?

EDIT 2: OK, LOL, it seems that Yi was still taking photos, but as the sun was going up, photos got more over exposed and totally white, which is why photo size is 324KB as it's only white and nothing else...

But still, my question is, how to set Yi to automatically balance exposure while timelapsing?

SOLVED: Thanks ellox!

And here's the video :)


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