1. BCHobbyist

    Troubleshooting Guide for VIOFO A119S or A119 Dash Cams

    I've noticed a large number of preventable Dash Cam failures being reported. My long Troubleshooting Guide doesn't cover everything but with input from everyone it can be continually updated to include new tests and fixes. Starting with simple verifications for all accessories such as microSD...
  2. A

    BlackVue Warranty Return Postage SCAM

    Hi fellow BlackVue owners, I just thought I'd warn you all about what I consider to be a SCAM being conducted by those repairing BlackVue Cameras on their behalf (or BlackVue themselves). Post repair, I received an email telling me my DR750-LW had been repaired and that I was to send $40US via...
  3. M

    Microphone (looking for fix)

    Hi, xiaomi yi is awesome camera, but for me main minus is microphone audio. Audio is very muffled/quiet. I made video and took it into adobe audition for you guys to see audio that i get. I was standing 1 meter away from camera. I have made little research and i have found this few lines...