1. S

    installed Viofo a129 plus duo then moments later my killed car?

    So I tried to hardwire the dashcam to my Acura 2019 ilx, using using the car's 20 Amps fuse (Rear Passenger's Side Power Window - lights on only when engine is on) for the yellow wire/accessory, and 20 Amps fuse (Driver power seat sliding - constant power) for the red wire/battery, all plugged...
  2. C

    flickering in the night videos

    Hi Guys Wanted to know if you guys are noticing any flickering in your night videos ? My night time footage from the front camera is not clean and there's a lot of flickering in the video. https://streamable.com/x5r76
  3. T

    Picture Time Lapse settings and notes

    I bought a new YI action camera HWv 23L FW 1.5.6. and after a week of research came to useful results for Sunset Time Lapse. Here are my findings. 1.) The YI camera does not adjust the exposure with Time Lapse interval 0.5 and 1s, so for the second phase of sunset we must use 2 or 5s interval...
  4. speedingcheetah

    Flickering issues with lcd - power related?

    I have noticed some excessive flickering with the built in LCD when it is plugged into my vehicle. It doesn't do it when I connect the cam up inside home. (Flicker option in the settings has no effect). The recorded videos are just fine. Unless this is just a normal thing when its sunny out, I...