1. V

    A118C B40C from Gearbest problem with video

    Hi,guys. I have a problem with videos on A118C B40C. I've just bought it from gearbest and on my first attempts I realised that on playback videos are 4-5 times faster than normal. My sd card is 32GB Kingston Class 10. Both on the dashcam and on my laptop videos are playing 4-5 times faster. I...
  2. Jrlivin2

    A118C nearly three years later

    I got two A118C’s with GPS from Gearbest during February 2015 almost immediately after they were released. They have both worked great for nearly three years. I did a firmware update during spring 2015 but other than that I haven’t touched them except to remove the SD cards to view videos...
  3. nutsey

    V60S Action Camera Review.

    V60S Action Camera Review Technical Specifications SoC: Allwinner V3 Sensor: 8Mp 1/3.2” Sony IMX179s (1.4 μm pixel) Lens: Wide-angle 170-degree FOV (diagonal) Display: 2-inch LCD TFT screen, 320x240 Video resolutions and format: 4K@30 fps, 2.7K@30 fps, 1080P@60/30 fps, 720P@120/60/30 fps...
  4. Agie

    ThiEYE T5e 4K Action Camera (used as dashcam) [] (Ambarella A12LS75, Sony IMX117)

    UPDATE (10/03/2017): GearBest is currently having a promotional sale on the ThiEYE T5e. You can purchase the discounted camera from here:
  5. Agie

    Mini 0801S Dashcam (Mstar MSC8328P, Omnivision OV2710, GPS) [] *UPDATED 10th MAY 2017*

    **UPDATE (10th May 2017)**: ------------------------------------------------- Skyhigh-Global were kind enough to send through the latest firmware update for testing: This firmware: 20170506 Initial firmware: 20161226 V1; the March 2017 update brings the version number to 20170311 V1 (with MCU...
  6. H


    Hello everyone, I bought mini 0805 with gps from gearbest (link from 0805 dashcam review) for 57.99 it was flash sale (still continues ) but wonder if it could be fake not real or 0803 I heard about gearbest not good things Did anyone get mini 0805 from GB? Your replies is highly appreciated
  7. Agie

    Vasens 902 Dashcam (Novatek NT96650, Aptina AR0330) []

    Happy new year to everyone, and hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas with their friends and loved ones. Once again, a massive thankyou to @GearBest for providing a review sample. You can purchase the Vasens 902 directly here: -----------------------------------------------------------...
  8. Agie

    Review: Chupad D501 Dashcam (A Second Take) []

    My first review here on DashCamTalk, so let's dive right in. A massive thankyou to @GearBest for providing this review sample. You can buy the Chupad D501 right here: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Specifications: Sony IMX322 CMOS sensor w/170 degree field of...
  9. J

    Where to buy Git2? + remote waterproof?

    I am really interested in buying the Git2. Previously I was looking at the Xiaomi Yi with its performance and decent price but the Git2 looks to be superior (and growing better and better) so I don't mind parting with the extra moolah! Where would be the best place to buy the Git2? Preferably...
  10. AykutEzer

    Xiaomi Yi 69,19 dolar - (GEARBEST)

    Hi. Gearbest new discount coupon with xiaoyi car dvr 69.19 dollars. Gearbest coupon code: xiaomiyifi
  11. M

    3 issues with my new mini0805 - Battery+Gps+Suspicious firmware

    Hi This is my first post in this forum. First of all i would like to thank you all, because I bought 3 dashcams following your recommendations here. The last dashcam that I bought is the mini0805 . I just got the camera with gps dongle from GearBest and I need your advice. I charged the camera...
  12. Bubbah

    Review: Ausdom A261 (Gearbest)

    The Ausdom A261 is a complete dash cam product based on the famous A7LA50/OV4689 winning team and a built-in GPS. Highlights: Video Resolution : 2304x1296 30P 16:9 / 2560x1080 30P 21:9 1920x1080 45P 21:9 / 1920X1080 30P 16:9 HDR 1920X1080 30P 16:9 / 1280X720 60P 16:9; 1280X720 30P 16:9 Image...