1. H


    Hello everyone, I bought mini 0805 with gps from gearbest (link from 0805 dashcam review) for 57.99 it was flash sale (still continues ) but wonder if it could be fake not real or 0803 I heard about gearbest not good things Did anyone get mini 0805 from GB? Your replies is highly appreciated
  2. Sunny

    Review: Firefly 6S 4K Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera with Gyro, NT96660 & Sony IMX078 (

    Thank you @GearBest for providing Firefly 6S action camera for review. It is available at Gearbest here: ********************************* Quick links to review sections: Daytime Screenshots Daytime Videos Night Screenshots Night Videos ********************************* Conclusion: will update...
  3. dash riposki

    Eken H9 Action Cam from

    Gearbest was kind enough to send me an Eken H9 for use and review. (from the gearbest website) EKEN H9 Ultra HD 4K WiFi action camera Adopting Sunplus 6330M OV4689 chipset 2 inches LCD screen display, 320 x 240 pixel resolution Comes with a waterproof case, up to 30m waterproof Video...
  4. Sunny

    Review: SJ7000 Wi-Fi Waterproof 1080p Action Camera from

    Review: SJ7000 Wi-Fi Waterproof 1080p Action Camera from Thank you @GearBest for providing sample. It is available at Gearbest for $59.99: ***************************************** Summary: Keeping price in mind, it's a good option for budget wi-fi action camera. Pros: Very cheap...