image quality

  1. R

    Is it only me getting 2560*1440 30fps for front camera?

    I have the U1000 front and rear camera, and the micro sd card that is coming in the box. Whatever I choose in the app, 4k 30fps + QHD 30fps or 4k 1channel, for continuous recording, I am only getting 2560*1440 30fps file for FRONT camera (sample video file attached). Only for event recording, I...
  2. MissDank

    Having serious doubts about Q800 PRO

    I spent the extra money because after 2 days of research I believed the Q800 PRO was the best option. Now of course after receiving the product I’m seeing posts about horrible image quality and Thinkware claims to be working on a fix. Should I trust this and keep the cam? It’s supposed to be...
  3. BCHobbyist

    A119 Pro 1440p - WDR On or Off ?

    Wide Dynamic Range adjusts scenes with both bright and dark areas creating balanced illumination. The effect can also increase flickering, glare or blur depending on scene composition. Image quality can actually degrade especially at night. Better option to brighten vehicles and road in daytime...