1. C

    A500 + WIFI + iPhone

    Hi guys, I just bought the dashcam A500 pro plus but I have a problem. When I want to connect my iPhone (iPhone X, iOS 14.4, last update) to the wifi hotspot of the camera, it tells me "no internet connection" And because of that, I can't use the app to add the device on my phone... No update...
  2. kehray

    Cannot export video from Dashcam Viewer to Photos (iOS)

    Hello, Is anyone having the problem of not being able to export downloaded videos in the Dashcam Viewer app to their Photos app on iOS? I always get an export failed message when doing so. I'm on iOS 13.3 with the app version of V 2.3.0. Does anyone have a work around for this? (Other then...
  3. N

    Questions about the upcoming smartphone app

    Hi all! New here, been reading and researching for my very first dash cam, leaning very heavily towards Street Guardian. I remember reading somewhere in the forum that Street Guardian is developing their own smartphone app. I had at first dismissed SG in my research because of there only being...
  4. JDtime

    IOS App Big ISSUES

    The latest update version of the IOS app 1.7.7 that was just released has big issues. The text is chinese and no way to change it to english. The other issue is the date format wont let you change it at all. When will these issues be fixed in the app with a new release. The app is unusable to...
  5. B

    F750 & iPhone app

    Has anyone experienced issues with the F750 and the iPhone app? I've logged this with Thinkware support so many times & they just keep ignoring it then closing the case. I've had my F750 for over a year now and the app has never worked properly, it opens up and connects to the wireless on the...
  6. P

    4k Dashcam w/ Wifi or Bluetooth App

    I am looking for a 4k dash cam that has: -IOS app, view and vid fike xfer -external power feed port -GPS -motion sense to start recording loop Thanks for all addistance
  7. R

    Dash can with parking protection / motion decetion and 2ch front back with Wifi?

    Hello, I'm looking for Dash can with parking protection / motion decetion and 2ch front back with Wifi, is there any out there? Also if there any cam that works with iOS for example remote video watching while away from car? Kind Regards RGL
  8. I

    New mobile app for git2

    while we still waiting for official git2 app there is another free one available for ios and Android phones. Must say for now better than last two known apps. App is called ZSANYCAM. I don't like design and app have bug with photo shoot with sequence mode. But other two old apps have same...
  9. abarth

    mobile Memory Card Readers Lightning USB SD Micro SD OTG Card Reader for iOS + android

    july 2018 update: this update relates mostly to us that have newer iOS devices that lack compatibility with some of the devices that have been covered previously in this thread. currently I have an iPhone X on iOS 11.4. here's what works for me: the SD/micro SD card reader I use is branded...
  10. ccdff

    Problems lag with Xiaomi Yi and iOS App

    Hello fellow dashcamers I'm having really big troubles with the preview in the iOS app (iPhone 5s). It is suuper far behind 1minute and sometimes crashes. I don't really care about the quality and bitrate, I just want to line up my shots without waiting. Can you tweak the fw so that it sends a...