1. T

    How to switch off lens shading correction on 23L 1.5.12

    I replaced the lens with a narrow-angle one (25mm 1/2" 5MP from ebay) and can’t turn off the lens shading correction which is needed at original lens. Therefore, the picture is brighter at the corners. I hope that "Adjust lens distortion" settings will help, but there is no such option in HV...
  2. M

    A129 versions

    Hi! What is the meaning of A129-G, VIOFO A129-DG, VIOFO A129-D? And how come on the website states: Input DC5.0V/3.1A via mini USB https://www.viofo.com/home/81-62-a129-front-5ghz-wi-fi-full-hd-dash-camera.html#/25-gps_module-included Same as this...
  3. C

    Ordered A119S V2 and received the old F1.6 lens?

    Hi folks, the A119S V2 I bought just last week from a popular eBay shop was delivered, and it has the old F1.6 non-coated lens. I've attached a photo of it. I am surprised and upset as the improved F1.8 coated lens has been out for more than 8 months (link: A119S Lens Comparison old F1.6 vs...
  4. TCK81

    Lens Aperture Size?

    How do you figure out a lens' aperture without knowing the specifications?
  5. M

    Mobius m12 mount too tight

    Am I missing something? The m12 mount seems too tight to change lens. I can only screw it in a bit... I've used the allen key to remove the locking screw already.
  6. Dashmellow

    Mobius Varifocal Zoom IR

    For quite some time I'd been noticing an interesting M12 zoom lens on Banggood selling at a very attractive price and finally went ahead and ordered one. This is a fast ƒ1.4 - 2.8mm to 12mm Varifocal manual zoom designed for CCTV cameras that will accommodate a 1/3 inch sensor and captures an...
  7. A

    Adjusting focus on T5

    Hey guys, I have recently bought T5. Since I have it especially for exterior filming, unfortunatelly I found out that my lenses are focused at distance around 40-50 cm. Actually this distance is unusable even in interiors... Has anyone tried to disassemble the camera and adjust the lences for...
  8. 1

    Lens distortion correction for Yi 4K in Adobe Premiere Pro

    Hello, I am looking for a possibility (presets, profiles) to correct the lens distortion of YI 4K in Adobe Premiere Pro. Best regards.
  9. BCHobbyist

    A119S Disassemble & Lens Alignment & Refocus

    Decided to share my experience with several A119S dashcams all slightly blurry on the left side. If anyone has this type of issue return and exchange the dashcam. I wanted to tinker and working with approval from the vendor and VIOFO to repair my 3rd A119S. Far too much effort and detail for a...
  10. Devar

    DR650S Lens Elements Configuration

    So I am a bit of a derp here, but I was trying to adjust the focus on my DR650S-2CH's forward (main) camera. I took of the surrounding clip part, then unscrewed the main screw bit. To my dismay, even while doing it carefully, I did a silly thing and just kept unscrewing. Now I've got the...
  11. Mozzie

    158 deg or 120 deg lens - must see results

  12. sinaloaeshop

    Is there a CPL or POLARIZED filter for the DAB205

    I have seen videos and it looks like it helps a lo to have filter. Can someone confirm if it helps and know if there is someone who sells it for the DAB205
  13. X

    Is there any way to get less of a wide angle video using scripts or firmware hacks?

    Obviously the fish-eye comes from the lens placed in front of the sensor but I havre seen elsewhere footage that is not so wide and only mentions software or firmware hacks. So other than buying another lens, is there perhaps any way to get the software to choose a central area of the footage...
  14. C

    Check video, picture and out of focus on new xiaomi yi.

    Hello @all I recived my xiaomi z23L and I'm not sure if my cam is ok. FW: 1.2.13 Because I have graining in my recordings and pictures, also my pictures has a gray dust and the left corner is more sharper than the middle and right side I am opening this thread. I hope we can focus our doubts...
  15. C

    Spare Yi Xiaomi parts needed after drone crash!

    Hi everyone New to the forums. Basically I had a bad crash with my Yi onboard my drone. The camera still works but I now have a smashed lens and badly cracked faceplate. Also lost the plastic power button. I know I can get a spare lens at gearbest but not the other parts. So I was wondering if...
  16. dashtalk

    Can C2 lense be installed in any mobius version?

    Can C2 lense be installed in any mobius version? It seems that it gives better night performance. Also is the performance difference worth the upgrade?
  17. wakodaf

    Lens comparison : Original vs Gearbest (IR filter)

    Hi guys ! I loaned camera with original lens(NO IR FILTER) from my friend and make comparison footage with my xiaomi with lens from gearbest(IR FILTER). I think i focus my camera better then his so check it out and tell me what u think. I like his blue sky maybe little more then my but there is...
  18. TeriTerryTarry

    Specifications, Native Capabilities and Image Quality

    I'm considering a camera with the following specs per the manufacturer: Image Sensor: 16.0MP full HD CMOS, manufacturer not specified Chipset: Ambarella A7LS75 Video resolution: Full HD 1080P at 60fps/30fps, 720P at 120fps/60fps/30fps, 848 x 480 at 240fps/120fps/60fps/30fps Image Resolution...
  19. MrWigster

    Mobius C2 Lens Focus Grub Screw - size/availability?

    Firstly, hello all. I received my first Mobius C2 camera today in the hope of recording my bike(cycle) rides. Upon first testing the focus was set far too close, in completely macro mode.. so I opened it up, unscrewed the grub screw that holds the focus lens in place, got it perfectly in...