license plate

  1. L

    HELP! HIT AND RUN! Can almost make out the plate!!!

    Hey everyone, ive got some footage for yall to take a look at. Today i was just about to go into work when a car 2 lanes over to my left decided last minute to cut off everyone and not see me and hit my left rear end. Ive slowed down frame by frame, zoomed in, used adobe premiere pro. Ive tried...
  2. R

    Recommendation for Best Video Quality

    Hey, Everyone, Can anyone recommend a dashcam which produces the best video quality? One that's good enough to allow legible license plate numbers from a moving car a few car distances away? I don't need any fancy features like WiFi or cloud connectivity although I'm fine with that too. The...
  3. N

    Need to integrate license plate camera w/parking mode dash cam

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for all your help I have a bmw 435i convertible. Want to do a front and rear dash camera with parking mode. Can't install camera in rear window due to convertible. Could install it near the mirror facing backward, but that shows me more back seat than rear view. Can't...
  4. R0tten

    Done some research and now I need to narrow it down

    I'm interested in a new dash cam. My previous Cobra CDR 820 was OK and I could read license plates to my satisfaction recorded with it, but it was not reliable towards the end. During less than a year I always had power issues where the camera would reboot. What I'm looking for is what almost...
  5. Xvu

    Can't read license plate of car right in front of me

    I finally got it hard wired to my car last night and took it out for a test drive. After I got home I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't see the license plate of car that's right in front of me. It seems like it was too bright for the camera when there is light at night. Below is the raw...
  6. a6l3i

    $100 cam with G-sensor/screen/legible License plate . .??

    Hi all It’s my first post in DCT :) I live in New York and wanna buy my first dash-cam. I’ve red most of related topics and reviews. Mandatory options are: - $100 (+/-) - G-sensor - Screen (to set the camera angel in the car) - Legible license plate Good to have options (but not in expense...