low battery

  1. W

    Mass storage shows on charging then turns off.

    Hi I have had an LS300W for about three years...has been working fine. For no apparent reason, the battery will not re-charge. I have tried charging up connecting it to my laptop....with supplied usb While connected 'Mass Storage' displays if dashcam is ON, and blue indicator displays if...
  2. Jonah

    Low battery warning after firmware update

    Updated the dash cam to R15.8 firmware three days ago and every time I get in the car it is flashing up a “low battery” warning. I’ve not driven too far (max distance 30 miles) since the update but I have charged the battery using a USB wall charger twice since updating but the low battery...
  3. A

    Low battery on Nextbase 312GW

    My Nextbase 312GW has started displaying "low battery" whenever it comes on in parking mode (i.e. unplugged). I would think it's getting recharged enough, because I always have it plugged in when driving, and often I forget and leave it plugged in overnight. (In fact when I left it plugged in...
  4. jbeale

    0805 did not record impact! but it worked before & after...

    (Sorry, just realized I posted this in the 0806 forum by mistake. Moved to 0805 forum.)