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    App stops my 4G internet in the car

    Just getting to grips with a new M6+ If I start the app (network switching in either mode), the app creates a wifi connection with the camera. All good. When I exit the app, the wifi connection remains in the phone (in the wifi section). For ever. So when I get into the car, the phone connects...
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    DDPai M6+ slow download to app on iPhone

    Hi, What download speeds are others experiencing - I have an iPhons 6s Plus and it takes 15-20 minutes to download a 5 minutes clip i 2K resolution? Best regards, Tom
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    DDPai M6+ Mac/OSX unable to read FAT32 SDXC Card

    Hi, I've tried to find a DDPai support forum, but since I haven't found it I'll try asking for help here. I have a M6+ with a 128GB SDXC card (SanDisk). After formatting it in the M6+ it works fine in the camera, but the formatting is not a standard exFAT, but instead an unsupported tweak to...