1. VicoVation

    VicoVation CPL Filter

    Hi members of the DCT, If you guys are curious about what a CPL filter can do for you, down below are some before and after pictures. 52mm VicoVation Marcus CPL Filter CPL Filter with Marcus 2 Marcus 2 with no CPL Filter Marcus 2 with CPL Filter Wanna get one? Click HERE.
  2. VicoVation

    VicoVation is now officially a part of the DashCamTalk society!

    Hi guys! This is VicoVation's official account. If you guys have any questions regarding our products and firmwares or suggestions that you would like to give us, you are welcomed to message us or post comments down below.
  3. justinsane

    Marcus 2 Inconsistent Bitrate

    I installed the Vico Marcus 2 on my mom's car a while back and never really inspected the files. Videos look good and the smart parking mode feature actually works. But I'm noticing a pretty big variance in the bitrates. I'm not referring to fluctuations within one file of a few kbps but actual...