1. frankieta

    Brand new SJ7 - can't make internal mic work

    Hi everyone, just received my brand new SJ7 Star, that I plan to use for my honeymoon; this is my very first action cam. I didn't make too many test but I just tried some videos in 4k and everything seems to work, except audio. The cam seems not recording any audio at all, all I can hear is a...
  2. M

    Microphone (looking for fix)

    Hi, xiaomi yi is awesome camera, but for me main minus is microphone audio. Audio is very muffled/quiet. I made video and took it into adobe audition for you guys to see audio that i get. I was standing 1 meter away from camera. I have made little research and i have found this few lines...
  3. L

    Original G1W Pulsatig/Vibrating Problem

    Hey all, I have an original G1W (file extensions are .mov, have HDMI port, and checked the bitrate to confirm it is genuine), and am getting some really, really bad deep pulsating/vibrating sounds from the microphone, along with this intermittent high-pitched interference/electronic kind of...