1. I

    Mio MiVue J85 - firmware and modifications

    Hello everyone, recently I bought this dashcam, I am quite happy with it, and with video quality, but there are still some issues that are bugging me. One of them is when I press the manual event record button, it only saves 5sec prior to the button press, this is not enough, for example if...
  2. Paul Crookston

    Mivue 618 baffled.....

    Hi, I've a Mivue 618. I bought a replacement mount, as seen the dash cam has a ball like holding. I'm totally confused as how to attach it to the suction holder. If anyone can add any Input be appreciated, or have link to someone selling a holder. The cam is useless without one. Thanks Paul
  3. P

    how to write protect a recorded video?

    There are times that I forget to do an emergency recording when an incident occurs and I can't seem to figure out how to save a previously recorded video in the "EMER" folder. I have a Mivue 388 and I've been fiddling with the functions for as long as I had the unit and until now I'm still...
  4. StrangeOrange

    MiVue Firmware Modification

    Hello, Has anyone tried making changes to the firmware on a Mio MiVue device? Mine's a 588 but I think the procedure is similar across all the 5xx as well as possibly 6xx device range. The firmware file SD_CarDV.bin is neither compressed nor encrypted, an can be sifted through with utilities...
  5. G

    SpeedCam for Mio Mivue 658 WIFI

    Hello I installed the SpeedCam file for my 658 WIFI. This product claims that it isn't useable for SpeedCam Warning in different countries. Now after 2 weeks of using I recognised that it recognised 2 SpeedCameras, that I don't manuelly add to it. So I suggest, the SpeedCam file is the whole...
  6. P

    Mio Mivue 388 cannot get GPS fix

    I've been using my Mivue 388 for 3-4 years now and it has been working fine. A couple of days ago I noticed that the GPS receiver is no longer functioning, it could no longer get a GPS fix. Sometimes it would acquire satellites but 90% of the time it won't. Does anyone got issues also with...
  7. fiji

    Magellan new dashcams

    Dashcam, dual dashcams, navi + dashcam, navi + dual dashcams. Good prices, waiting for test videos: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3377872/The-dashcam-New-Magellan-two-HD-cameras-drivers-340-field-view.html