mobius 1

  1. omgomgomgsecurity

    Is there such thing as a side view dashcam? (For your car doors)

    Hi all, just wondering if there is such thing as a side view dash cam that will watch the sides of your car? Like the doors and stuff
  2. G

    Mobius pictures rate

    Hi all, new to this forum. I have a Mobius 1 action cam lens a2. I would like to use to take still pictures. When triggering a picture by pushing the button I can take one photo in about 3 seconds. Mobius can do time lapse photo at a frame rate of 1 second at max resolution. Is there the...
  3. TonyM

    GitUp F1 vs Mobius 1

    This is a short comparison between the following: - GitUp F1 160deg original lens, 4k 30fps, 71.3Mbps - Mobius 1 (Lens D 130deg, lens colour profile 'B'), 1080p 30fps, 17.7Mbps The comparison video is encoded at 1080p30 I was surprised that the two videos look so close in terms of exposure and...
  4. M

    How to increase frames per second of webcam capture from 30 to 60?

    Hi Is there any way to increase the frame rate for the webcam feed to the PC? I have a Mobius 1 that is capable of 60 fps when recording to the locally inserted SD card (tested, works). When configured as a webcam it appears that the fps of the video sent to the PC is 30fps (used VLC media...
  5. TonyM

    Name that dashcam! Part 1

    I currently have 4 forward-facing cameras which have a similar 120-130deg FOV. I thought it might be fun to see who can name them just by looking at the same frame from each camera. Sorry, there's no prizes on offer. There's also a poll to ask which one you think is the best image (not...
  6. TonyM

    Rear Camera Upgrade Options

    I already have a front-facing SG9665GC and a rear-facing Mobius2. The GC is performing well. The M2 is not. I do however like the discreet matchbox shape of the M2 that I can attach directly to the headliner, which just happens to be angled pretty much spot on for a rear-facing camera - see here...
  7. D

    Mobius Lense CAD File

    Hey. I'm looking to make a mount for my mobius lense and run the lense extension cable up into the main body of the camera which will be stored in my sunglass storage area. I'm wondering if anyone has a CAD file for just a holder for the lense. I've found several files for holders for the entire...
  8. golden99

    A119S V2 Disappointment

    Hi All. My four-year old Mobius 1 Action Cam started flaking out a bit, missing recordings now and then and audio dropouts. I replaced the micro SD card and videos are good and stable, but audio is still a problem. So I decided to use it as a rearview cam. After a lot of research here and...
  9. Mia Melody

    IS it possible to save files with time stamps instead of numbers?

    Hi tried using the mobius manager to set up time stamp but i only see a option to put a set of numbers, i get 1101, 1102 etc etc , i want year, month, date and time stamps for all my files so i dont have to dig around to find something again. please advise Cheers
  10. A

    Mobius Records with motion on battery only

    I have been using my mobius 1 for a dash cam for the last year with the super cap. Running it off aux power from the car and having motion activated. Recently I have gotten the M2 and use that as my forward facing dash cam. I took the super cap out of the M1 and put it in the M2 and the M2 runs...