mobius 2 action camera

  1. T

    Mobius Not recording- Techno Wizards Help - Damsel in Distress

    I had a Mobius 1 that worked sometimes. It died in a swamp so I got two Mobius 2 cameras. They never worked every time, and now won't record at all. A few times it recorded for a minute and then not again. Mobius A - green light when plugged into charger....turned power's in orange...
  2. TonyM

    Rear Camera Upgrade Options

    I already have a front-facing SG9665GC and a rear-facing Mobius2. The GC is performing well. The M2 is not. I do however like the discreet matchbox shape of the M2 that I can attach directly to the headliner, which just happens to be angled pretty much spot on for a rear-facing camera - see here...
  3. RLS

    Hello, from Orange County, CA. I am in the endless pursuit of finding the perfect dashcam...

    Hi everyone, I have always found this forum extremely useful, but never got around to joining. It all started at the end of 2013 when my newly purchased car was backed into in the university parking structure. My front bumper was backed into while I was away, and no note/info was left by the...
  4. Dashmellow

    Mobius 2 Action/Dash Cam support thread

    Let's start this thread with the new Mobius 2 owners manual and proceed from there.