mobius maxi 4k

  1. TonyM

    Mobius Maxi 4K vs GitUp F1 4K

    I received both cameras from the respective manufacturers for testing purposes - the F1 from GitUp in 2017, the M4K from Mobius in 2021. I aim to be fair in my evaluation of any camera. I will try to present factual information, plus video and still images to allow others to come to their own...
  2. TonyM

    Mobius Maxi 4K - Varifocal Zoom 3.6-11mm

    Following on from the popular threads Mobius Varifocal Zoom IR and Mobius 5MP Varifocal Zoom 6-22mm ƒ/1.6 both started by @Dashmellow, I was keen to try the new Mobius Maxi 4K paired with this 3.6-11mm 4K Varifocal lens offered by Fulekan via AliExpress. 8Megapixel M12 Mount Varifocal 4K Lens...