1. M

    Modding bluetooth remote for motion detection

    Hi. Has anyone modded the bluetooth remote for xiaomi yi action camera with a motion detector?
  2. M

    Anyone mod the ZOOM Q2N sound recorder?

    Modify its lenses?
  3. H

    Time lapse video mode always 24fps: any chance to change the framerate?

    I'm very satisfied with the xiaomi yi camera. I modified the firmware and boosted the bitrate to 35 and it's all working fine, execpt one thing: The time lapse video mode is ALWAYS 24fps, but I need 25fps. The bitrate in this mode was way too low and I boosted that one to 35MBIT, too, but I...
  4. Squeamish

    About autoexec.ash files - for new users

    The Xiaomi Yi is a great little inexpensive camera! Some owners will enjoy using it as it comes out of the box. But, the rest of us would like to see if we can squeeze a little more value-per-dollar out of it. One way of doing that is by modifying the firmware for the camera. You can learn all...