1. BRex

    Some pictures about the installation

    The cable holder clips have very bad stickers, so I have changed them for the much stronger ones
  2. W

    Mounting options for F50

    So F50 arrived yesterday, just trying to position and due to a large plastic piece with vehicle sensors in it behind the rear view, it will need to go one side or the other. Drivers side no-go due to existing OEM GPS transponder and it would also block my view mounted below, passenger side the...
  3. ajw1100

    Screen mounting, Silly question time.

    I feel stupid even asking this, but the wife thinks I'm stupid anyway. Previous cameras have been attached by suction so can be moved easily if you get it wrong. 3M sticky pads are a one shot wonder. Being fitted behind the mirror would make it difficult or even see the small screen to check...
  4. KlueBat

    A119 Mounting Angle and Motion Detection

    I've been looking at options for a rear cam on my F150 for a while now. Can someone tell me if the A119 can be mounted on a vertical window? The rear window of my truck is perfectly flat, making choosing a camera tricky. Also, has anyone run this camera in motion detection mode? The power...
  5. DarwinsFlinch

    GPS Installation Position

    Hey all.. Before buying the Guardian, I watched a ton of videos and I remember reading it (gps) was meant to be mounted on the dash, but you could open it and reposition the antenna for window mounting. The unit I received has an insert reading "This GPS is the window mount type." To me, this...
  6. I

    Does a power cord count as obstruction of view?

    Hello, I live in Utah and I am planning to mount my dash cam behind my rear view mirror. Would having the power cable hanging from the camera be obstructing my view, and illegal? I dont want to route my cable around the passenger side yet. Thanks in advance.
  7. Coldfire

    Leased Vehicle

    Hey guys, My first time here. First off have to say I love this site. So helpful. I'm shopping around for a dash cam, and I'm really liking A118-C Capacitor Edition Car DVR Camera Recorder. The issue is, that my vehicle is leased, and I don't know if having the sticky mount would be an...
  8. B

    Cable routing, hiding camera out of sight, etc

    Hey, I picked up a cheap G1W from eBay and threw an old MicroSD card in it just as an intro to dashcams. If it doesn't turn out to be a major pain in the arse and I feel I'm getting some value out of it then I might upgrade in future. I want the cam to be as inconspicuous as possible as I...