1. F

    A few questions after setting up my Thinkware U1000

    The setup is the U1000 with front and rear cams, the radar, all powered by a cellink neo6 that’s hardwired to the car. 1. Will it ever go into parking mode like this? 2. How do I start/stop a manual recording? 3. In continuous mode there are hundreds of videos that are all 3 to 20 seconds...
  2. D

    Interior camera

    I have the U1000 dual channel unit but I think an interior rear facing camera might be more useful for me. Is there an interior camera that works with the U1000?
  3. I

    Looking to replace my Vico Marcus 3 - Nextbase cameras any good? Front/Rear

    Hi, Currently got a Vico Marcus 3, but that is getting a bit long in the tooth. Considering the nextbase 512gw with a rear view camera and getting that connected properly to my car. But I know little about Nextbase! And there seems to be no reviews here. Is there a reason for that. If not...
  4. M

    808 #32 will be out soon

    808 #32 The #32 is one version of the 808 car keys micro camera. • 180131 New camera. Available date: TBD. From the producer of the #16 and Mobius. • Summary Preliminary information subject to change. 808 size, 20 gram class, H264 and H265, Full HD 1080p, 30 FPS, power consumption a bit...
  5. A

    Good Looking Dash Cam but no reviews!!!

    Hi guys, this is my first time posting on here. I have the A118-C currently in my car which has served me well. My wife doesn't have a dash cam so I am going to give her mine and get myself a new one as i do a lot more driving then she does so i would like one with a rear view camera, wifi...
  6. Pintush

    Recommendations for a first new Dashcam

    Hi, I'm new here and in the dashcam world. i would love to get your recommendations for my first cam in my car. The important spec i want the cam to have is: Lowest f stop for night shot High quality video shot Clear Image for the license plate GPS Thanks a lot!
  7. S

    Need a budget WiFi + GPS dashcam

    Have a budget of around $100 for a WiFi+GPS 1080p dashcam. Just need good video quality day and night, decent firmware support and don't need a screen. Infact I would prefer one without a screen. Have been looking at this: I like it only because it looks good IMO, but I've been suggested on...
  8. P

    iRoad Dashcam

    Anyone heard about this Korean made dashcam? The V9s2 seem pretty good.
  9. F

    Hey all- looking for a sub $100 dual camera setup (2x G1W-C?)

    Hey everyone- new member here. I am looking for either a single all in one unit or two individual cameras (Want to record Front and Back) that can do the following for $100 or less in total: -Built in LCD Screen w/ Menu -Record 1080p (25 or 30fps is fine) -Good daytime quality video (or better)...
  10. RapidFireXVI

    Hello, RapidFireXVI here.

    Hello, I'm relatively new to the dashcam scene. I got my first one last year after getting into a car accident. It wasn't my fault, but I wanted to still have the extra protection of having a dash camera. I've been through so many trying to get a decent one at a decent price. They can be seen...
  11. Wita Aldian

    The latest 1.2.13 ELF files from XiaomiYi Support

    Here guys for u who maybe still have problem with your yi camera (same as me :() i just email the XiaomiYi Support and sending them about my problem, then i got reply from automatic reply with this elf files link. i'll share the latest ELF files 1.2.13 from Xiaomi Yi Support, this is the...