1. MobileGlances

    A truly hypnotizing driving experience

    No lane markers, brand new pavement at night, and a endless supply of construction markers ! What a hypnotizing ride !
  2. MobileGlances

    An artistic twist, imaginary style !

    I've always wanted to simulate "make pretend" radio chatter on a dash cam video, then I found the free NASA sound bites. The punch line is at 1:32 as we hit the crest of the MacDonald-Cartier inter provincial bridge going into Ottawa, and the ending, which is a sound clip of shuttle landing gear...
  3. F

    Washed-out A118C display

    Hi Folks, My very first post! The display of my year-old A118C (bought from Foxoffer on eBay) now has a washed-out look. Daytime video is ok but that for nightime has deteriorated from when the dashcam was new. The links for the pics of the display are...