1. B

    Auto-Vox D6 Manual?

    Hi, Does anyone have a PDF copy of the Auto-Vox D6 (Updated) manual? I stupidly lost mine and now cannot find out the default Wifi Password. If you know that, I guess I can do without the manual! Any help appreciated... James
  2. G

    Encryption options for SD card

    Im looking to secure the reading of the data since the dashcam is always in the car. A nice solution would be that anyone reading the files would need a password while the writing of data by the dashcam would be permitted without a passcode. If anyone has advice on this it would be greatly...
  3. Ferginator

    Change WiFi password

    I set up a new dashcam and I am trying to change the password on my WiFi DR650S-2CH IR and when I go to firmware settings, it just says "offline. Please check the network connection of the camera", but I have full bars on the camera and a good connection on my own WiFi as well so idk where else...
  4. I

    [SOLVED] Vicovation WF1 Default WiFi Password

    Does anyone know what the default WF1 WiFi password is when you reset it back to default settings? Never mind, I found the password online: 87654321.
  5. simonk

    Changing SSID and Password on custom firmware

    As title says I've installed custom firmware 1.1.1aE but how do I change the SSID and Password on this software, I can see SSID entrys in config files but changing it seems to make no difference. I can access the webpage, telnet/ssh and ftp but would like to be able to change the above. Could...
  6. E

    Reset Wifi Password

    I have a LK - 7950 WD, is there any way to reset it back to the default wifi password?
  7. S

    Default Wifi password for Mini 902

    I lost the manual for my 902. I have tried 01234567 12345678 but none of those work. I flashed my 902 with 903 firmware (I have been told that is not possible) but could the default PW for a 903 work?