1. David G1

    Time Change on PC Replay

    I just bought the B2W Love it! The only problem I have is when I connect the camera directly to my iMac, several seconds in, the correct time stamp spontaneously jumps ahead 4 hours. HELP!! Also, what is the most recent firmware version so I can upgrade? Thanks for a great product. I was...
  2. RedDevil91

    Nextbase 312GW playback issue

    Hi, I've had a nextbase 312gw dash cam in the car for about 2 years now, no problems. Except I noticed there was a firmware update 6.4 I believe, so I've updated the firmware without any issues. Except today I wanted to view one of the videos and when it playbacks, it's almost like it's...
  3. S

    Video File Currupt

    It seems like whenever I view my footage on my laptop, the most recent video file won't play at all. Am I not ejecting the SD card correctly? Do I need to stop recording, THEN pull out the SD card? or something else. All other videos will load as expected, just the most recent will be corrupt...
  4. T

    Yi Action Camera had bad audio during video playback (not bluetooth issue)

    Hi Everybody, This is my first time posting as I recently purchased a Yi Action Camera. My issue is that during video playback, my audio has this horrible noise in the background (it sounds worse with the waterproof casing). Here's how it sounds: (I have some...
  5. L

    Mac software for playback?

    I see from the Mini series dash cams manuals reference to PC software for playback of video & GPS map data, what is there for iMac users?