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    Calling PMP experts - explain this

    The set up: DR900S-2CH and PMP (installed by local garage who normally installs DashCams in October 2018) in a XC60 Mark II (new 2018) The weird behaviour: 1 . If the PMP Voltage cut off is set to 12 V, the DashCam starts (i.e gets power) when the doors are unlocked and starts recording. With...
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    "Popular Dash Cams" or "Popular Dash Cam Makers"???

    Just happened to notice that under Forums > Popular Dash Cams > BlackVue, is a forum for "Power Magic Pro". Since PMP is not a dash cam, apparently there is a consensus of sorts -even if tacit- that even though PMP is not a dash cam, since it's made by BlackView, it's OK for it to be placed...
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    Should I buy a PMP-type of device for this setup below?

    If I have my dash cam hardwired to the fusebox and connected via a Cellink, T-Power Plus or some other similar secondary battery UPS, should I still buy a Battery Discharge Prevention device, such as the Lukas LK-290, Power Magic Pro, or ("the Mercedes of BDPs") the Vico-Power Plus? I am not...