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    Timelapse with poor bad resolution quality

    Hi. I installed the 1.5.6 firmware into my Xiaomi YI Action Camera and I'm using a Script Controller App. The video looks better now, but the timelapse is poor in quality. Did anybody have the same problem? Any possible solution? Thanks!
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    Hey Guys! I recently purchased the Auto-Vox A118C model from amazon after seeing impressive sample clips and reviews from YouTube and the web! To clarify, i purchased from Auto-Vox amazons page and not some fake one of eBay/copy model! Link: You can see the reviews are even good! I received...
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    Video is great but poor image quality! [help needed]

    Hello everyone! :) I am totally new here. I have bought my Yi cam 2days earlier and i need your help. When I record videos the result is great but the problem is when i take photos in same place and same light the result is not so good. I get blurry photos. Seems to me the problem is due to slow...