1. A

    HCK3 or Software not hardware problems parking mode solution?

    Ok i have 2 x HCK 3 and i tested them i connected them directly to car battery + / + and - / - and the parking mode stop working after some time on both of them. The car battery is new and fully charged. So i connected cigarete socket directly to car battery. And to this socket i connected a...
  2. Yudia

    Problem of repeated restart without recording.

    There are many defects. There is an abnormality that repeatedly restarts due to the watchdog timer caused by the product chipset or firmware. shared video and snap link (There is a one week download period.) This is due to the serial communication via the encoded camera's USB cable or the...
  3. StrayCam

    Viofo A129 Duo - What Problems Have You Encountered With this Dash Cam?

    Recently Joe384 mentioned he has a number of problems he's dealing with on his Viofo A129. - - One challenge new and existing customers face is "now knowing what all the problems are" with this dash cam. Sometimes reported problems just get buried in some thead like "buffered parking mode"...
  4. R

    A119 please help

    I recently bought a Viofo A119 from FoxOffer, well my issue is that I was just trying to watch my footage and it seems as when the video is playing that someone is pausing and playing the video constantly, is the best way to describe it. Or when its playing it seems laggy? What can be the...