1. C

    Front camer purple image / lost focus

    I have randomly checked the recordings from my mini 0906 and after almost 2 years of operation it broke the image is half purple and out of focus :( Last video before camera broke: First video with camera broken: For some reason last 3 correct videos are very short and don't have text...
  2. TonyM

    A129 Purple Tint

    My A129 front camera has developed a purple tint, when driving in overcast conditions. The rear camera colour seems fine. Any thoughts? FW V1.50, WDR is off, front EV -2/3, rear EV+0.
  3. longzheng

    B1W videos with lots of pink/purple patches in video

    I've had a Blueskysea B1W for just a little over a year (purchased April 2018) which I've been quite happy with, however just today I noticed that all the videos it has been recording are all heavily distorted with pink/purple blobs, with a bit of green and even blue. The colour distortion...