1. EsQueue

    How does this compare to the Blackvue

    How well does this compare to the Blackvue 750S reliability and function wise? The 900 isn't an option due to the failure rate and overheating. I've gone through a Blackvue DR650GW, DR650S and DR750S, They all fail from 1-3 years. I'm ready to give a new company a chance.
  2. M

    Mobius m12 mount too tight

    Am I missing something? The m12 mount seems too tight to change lens. I can only screw it in a bit... I've used the allen key to remove the locking screw already.
  3. L

    Time to change to something else

    I love my Gitup 2 camera (when it works) first one shutter button failed after less than a month Gitup kindly replaced it for me and I was happily using it and so decided to buy the wrist remote! No matter how many times I tried or hours wasted the remote REFUSED to pair with the camera, again...
  4. adrianjpb

    Deformed plastic housing

    Hello everyone and sorry if the topic has been discussed above, I searched and found nothing about it. A couple of weeks ago I left my car in direct sunlight and upon arrival noticed the plastic camera housing was deformed. Unbelievably the camera works properly, but the recording angle, change...
  5. dashtalk

    Can C2 lense be installed in any mobius version?

    Can C2 lense be installed in any mobius version? It seems that it gives better night performance. Also is the performance difference worth the upgrade?