1. M

    SJ4000 basic\First batch Briked or not ?

    Good day. I have a problem with a SJ4000 non wifi camera 1,5 inch display. It was given to me from my friend because it didn't work. And i asumed that I can repair it. Looked like a firmeware problem so i started to dig in. Did my research and i saw it's pretty common. When i got it i saw the...
  2. S

    Infiniti Q50 hardwire Viofo A129 GPS Dual

    Bought the Viofo A129 GPS DUAL, BlackVue Magic Ultra Battery B-124, Viofo Hardwire Kit ACC, Samsung Evo 128GB memory card and Bluetooth remote control and some additional cables. Installed into Infiniti Q50 hybrid MY2017 (European). It was necessary to remove A-piller covers, sunvisors, ceiling...
  3. E

    Screen bug

    I have set screensaver to 15 sec. Camera is in motion detect mode and when recording goes to idle then screen turns on. It stay on up to next motion detection and if it records then screensaver works correctly.
  4. ajw1100

    Screen mounting, Silly question time.

    I feel stupid even asking this, but the wife thinks I'm stupid anyway. Previous cameras have been attached by suction so can be moved easily if you get it wrong. 3M sticky pads are a one shot wonder. Being fitted behind the mirror would make it difficult or even see the small screen to check...
  5. 4kfan

    Rotate Screen?

    Hi all, i regrettably broke the screen of my Yi 4K :( My hope is to rotate the screen to reach the settings in the top corner where the touch panel is broken... Since the cam has a software stabilization there must be a gyrometer in there... right? So, is it possible to set a function in the...
  6. F

    A119 Problem

    Has anyone come across this screen/display problem before and is there a remedy? Just bought the unit via Amazon, with the GPS extra. After a day of apparently OK use and recording (I checked the videos on VLC) and using the supplied connector to the 12v supply, the following day I drove 200...
  7. G

    Dash is being picked up on cam even with no sun

    Anyone got any ideas what to do?
  8. TwentyFIngers

    Is it possible to turn the screen off while recording?

    Hello, I want to buy the mini 0805 and use it as a rear camera. Is it possible to turn configure the camera so the screen will remain off while recording? Thanks.
  9. a6l3i

    $100 cam with G-sensor/screen/legible License plate . .??

    Hi all It’s my first post in DCT :) I live in New York and wanna buy my first dash-cam. I’ve red most of related topics and reviews. Mandatory options are: - $100 (+/-) - G-sensor - Screen (to set the camera angel in the car) - Legible license plate Good to have options (but not in expense...