1. LateralNW

    A119 Left right camera lens shake, is it a common fault?

    Hi, I purchased the A119 with gps recently and installed it without any problems. After checking some of the footage found I had terrible video shake while driving on smooth roads. I originally thought it was the camera moving up and down between the gps and dvr as it is a loose fitting but...
  2. F

    Received replacement GPS module, still getting shaky video

    So Bill at Viofo was kind enough to send me a replacement GPS module, but still getting shaky video. I'm more than happy to ditch the GPS unit at this stage, but i really hate the side mount of the camera. How can i 'tighten' the gap between the GPS mount and the camera, that seems to cause...
  3. R

    Video problem

    Hello, have LS460W about 6 months but now I have a problems. I uploaded a short video, see it please. Video isn't stable, it shakes.. Can anybody tell me where may be a problem? BTW where can I found latest firmware? Want to try pre-flash it again. It's not on official website. Thank you...