side cam

  1. omgomgomgsecurity

    Is there such thing as a side view dashcam? (For your car doors)

    Hi all, just wondering if there is such thing as a side view dash cam that will watch the sides of your car? Like the doors and stuff
  2. GTA Driver

    Tesla "side cam" catches an Uber door dinger

    This video could go into other sub forums such as factory installed dash cams OR into the side cam forum. Thought I would post here as it shows the value of a side cam, but also it appears Tesla has improved its video. You may able to sue a taxi company over something like this, but I don't...
  3. Dashmellow

    Side Cam Parking Mode Crash Capture

    So, yesterday evening while I was shopping at the local supermarket one of my Mobius C2 cameras mounted in the left rear window frame of my pick-up truck captured an unfortunate incident while I was away from my vehicle. As usual my four cameras were running off of two power banks when I'm not...