1. D

    Improving stability and sound in a 4K60 video of the M25

    Oh dear, I forgot to exempt your forum from my VPN. It’s fixed now, sorry. Dear sir/madam, I have a big project that I really want to get done, before bidding farewell to the United Kingdom by the end of this month. I wish to film the entire loop of the M25 in 4K and 60 fps, from Mar Dyke...
  2. Michael_K

    connecting to a smartphone

    So, I'd like to get a car camera that can connect to my smartphone (using WIFI). This would be my first experience with using wifi like this, and I'd like to know the details. First: do carcams have their own app, or do I use a browser, or ? Second: I read that BlackVue is different from most...
  3. germany

    What Android app can edit Mobius mov files?

    After I put my Mobius microSD card in my phone (Sony Xperia z) I'm able to watch, rename and delete videos. Then I wanted to trim those video clips and tried a few editing apps from google play store but all of a sudden not a single one was working. Most of those apps just broke down while...
  4. 1949dealcc

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