thieye t5e

  1. smalldragor

    ThiEYE app crashes recording

    Hello All I just might be the unluckiest T5e owner. I bought this camera on amazon and I enjoyed it like 5 minutes because the LCD screen went black and that is it. So I wrote an email to ThiEYE support. Well lucky me... I got a replacement camera after a month - only camera and nothing else...
  2. kevindesousa

    Problem ThiEye T5E - Black screen & LED's on after firmware update

    Hi, I bought the Thieye T5E on March 2, 2017, everything was going well, I'm really happy with the quality of this camera. Having ordered the original remote Thieye, I received yesterday, I wanted to associate with the camera via bluetooth, it said to me "error bt pairing ..." I thought there...
  3. sachin390

    What are the dimensions of ThiEye T5e action cam battery?

    I want to know the exact dimensions of ThiEye T5e battery, that is the length , breadth and height in mm. Anyone with a T5/T5e can help me. Based on this I can get some other battery that fits in my T5e. I am not able to source stock batteries.
  4. sachin390

    Compaitable batteries for ThiEye T5/T5e.

    I have searched all over internet with no positive results on compaitable battery for t5e other than the one it comes with. Original t5e battery is difficult to obtain. Gearbest sells it but sadly doesn't deliver to my country. So I was wondering if anyone have successfully used any other...
  5. T

    Can the thieye t5e be used as a webcam by installing the SJCAM SJ7 star firmware.

    Can I use the thieye t5e used as a webcam by installing the SJCAM SJ7 star firmware, and is it possible to install the SJCAM or Firefly 8s firmware in this camera, because they share similar specifications.
  6. J

    How to mount on windshield

    Hello, I'm thinking of buying the T5e but I have some doubts regarding how to mount it on the windshield. I saw it has a "flat adhesive mount" but don't really know what it is (sorry, I never used a dash cam). How do you "stick" your camera to that mount? I read another thread where someone was...
  7. Rickdean

    Thieye t5e invert image option

    Is there a way to invert / flip the video on the t5e when mounted upside down? I have the newest firmware but don't see that option. Or is there a custom hardware mount I can buy? Comments appreciated. Rick from Kansas
  8. atlex

    ThiEYE T5e vs TrendVision 718GP

    Kaliningrad MODs
  9. L

    Bricked my Thieye T5e

    Tried to upgrade firmware and bricked the camera....Tried to downgrade the firmware and nothing....Can someone PLEASE help me!
  10. Agie

    Mega Dash Cam Comparison (Viofo vs. Xiaomi vs. Chupad vs. SJCAM vs. ThiEYE vs. Vasens vs. Mini)

    Thought I'd do something a little different tonight, and create a mega comparison between eight models of dash cameras, as a guide for potential buyers out there. Do bear in mind that these are my opinions only, and check out the full reviews of these dash cameras for even more information...
  11. C

    ThiEye T5E Review: Absolute Bargain 4K with Great Results (video)

    Really impressed with ThiEye T5E. It's just a little over $100, and it offers native (true) 4K, plus 1080p at up to 1209fps. Also an extra battery is thrown in with it! Has both dash cam features and action camera features. Also, here is a test video in just 4K, compared to the much more...
  12. Agie

    ThiEYE T5e 4K Action Camera (used as dashcam) [] (Ambarella A12LS75, Sony IMX117)

    UPDATE (10/03/2017): GearBest is currently having a promotional sale on the ThiEYE T5e. You can purchase the discounted camera from here:
  13. TechTronic9000

    ThiEye T5e Reviews and Video Footage

    Full product overview, unboxing, menu walkthrough with settings explained, Android APP test and usage. Some test footage taken with the ThiEYE T5e. The video from YouTube is 4K@60fps so nothing gets downscaled or converted to a lower frame rate. Regardless of the chosen playback resolution...
  14. D

    Thieye t5e or sj6 legend?

    Which one is much better? Im planning to buy one of this but im not sure which one is worth the price. And have the best performance and quality overall ? Or any other suggestions below $120. Im don't really care about the 4k though.
  15. D

    Thieye t5e or Sjcam SJ6 Legend?

    Which one is much better? Im planning to buy one of this but im not sure which one is worth the price. And have the best performance and quality overall ? Im don't really care about the 4k though.