touch screen

  1. G

    Yi mirror dashcam

    I have bought a new Yi mirror dashcam, but it doesn't work. I can connect to this device with Yi Dashcam Android application via wi-fi but I cannot format microSD card and this message appears on the touchscreen: "To optimize the performance of the memory card. It is recommended that format the...
  2. NextBase Support

    New Range

    Since your feedback has already changed so many things for all users: High and Low resolution option to remove from addition to 412GW and 512GW. No logo firmware for every model. Editing on the App. And lots more :) Looking at a completely new range for the coming year, is there anything...
  3. 4kfan

    Rotate Screen?

    Hi all, i regrettably broke the screen of my Yi 4K :( My hope is to rotate the screen to reach the settings in the top corner where the touch panel is broken... Since the cam has a software stabilization there must be a gyrometer in there... right? So, is it possible to set a function in the...
  4. A

    DR750LW Can't interact via the touch screen

    This is the replacement unit as the previous had the blurring issue on the front camera. This one has started failing to respond to options on the touch screen. The touch screen actually works as it the options come up on the display and the unit bleeps. But, when you select an option such as...