1. D

    Vico MF3 firmware nedded.

    Hello everyone. I recently bought a Vico MF3 dashcam, but the official page is no longer available. If anyone has firmware version 4.2 and the last one (4.4), and they can pass it on, I would appreciate it. Sorry for my bad english... Thanks in advance. Regards from Spain... Divu
  2. I

    Looking to replace my Vico Marcus 3 - Nextbase cameras any good? Front/Rear

    Hi, Currently got a Vico Marcus 3, but that is getting a bit long in the tooth. Considering the nextbase 512gw with a rear view camera and getting that connected properly to my car. But I know little about Nextbase! And there seems to be no reviews here. Is there a reason for that. If not...
  3. VicoVation

    VicoVation Brand New Entry Level Dashcam Vico-MF1

    Introducing VicoVation’s brand new entry level dashcam - Vico-MF1. Equipped with Ambarella high end A12 processor and 2-megapixel image sensor, MF1's Full HD videos are crystal clear in both day and night. The camera is now stealthier with its new premium aluminum design and multi-directional...
  4. T

    Dashcam Setup (2xA119, Vico, Parking Mode)

    Hi all, I have 2 A119s, Vico power plus, one Y splitter (for hooking the rear a119 into Vico) and a 15 foot USB. I have the following questions: Take a look at my driver side fuse panel. Where should I piggyback the Vico using that add-a-circuit thing? (Note: I am connecting two dashcams to...
  5. ics

    Vico Opia 2

    Ambarella A12 processor 2K Ultra-HD 1440p HDR (2560×1440@30fps HDR) Extreme HD 1296p HDR (2304×1296@30fps HDR) High Speed Full HD 1080p@60fps (1920×1080@60fps WDR) Full HD 1080p HDR (1920×1080@30fps HDR) Smart time lapse video