1. BCHobbyist

    A119 Pro 1440p - WDR On or Off ?

    Wide Dynamic Range adjusts scenes with both bright and dark areas creating balanced illumination. The effect can also increase flickering, glare or blur depending on scene composition. Image quality can actually degrade especially at night. Better option to brighten vehicles and road in daytime...
  2. Z

    the WDR does not work?

    sjcam4000 wifi, I turn on / off this item, I do not see the difference
  3. BCHobbyist

    A119S FW2.1 WDR on/off Comparison

    I was never impressed with VIOFO's Wide Dynamic Range feature and disabled it until testing the A119S new Firmware v2.1 > the WDR image improvements are amazing compared to all previous firmware releases. The enhancements are only noticeable on scenes with both dark and bright areas. The A119S...