xiaomi dashcam

  1. TonyCams

    SJDASH+ vs YI DASH Night time footage comparison

    Let us know what you guys think...
  2. I

    Xiaomi Mijia Dash Cam Unboxing

    Recently, Xiaomi MiJia Ecosystem released a a new Carcorder Dash Camera, this product uses a similar mini Compact System Camera design, not only equipped with Sony IMX323 image sensor, Mstar 1080P image processor chip, but also has a large aperture of F1.8 and 160 ° wide wide angle, it's a...
  3. T

    Video playback Xiaomi yi action cam

    Hi everyone. I've had this camera for around a year and I'm running the latest firmware. My biggest concern is that I have to 'download' the videos to my phone (android) or to my ipad. I know on the go pro there is a way to watch the videos via the app without downloading them. Is there a way...
  4. GearBest

    [Big News]Original Xiaomi Yi 1080P Car WiFi DVR is coming!!!!

    Update on 25 Nov Hi DCT Friends, Nice day for you. Latest and hottest action camera is arrival!!!!! Pls put your hands up!! This article is from Lucy's cooperator——el Producente: NEW! The Xiaomi Yi Dashboard Camera: It doesn’t look like a new action camera or a successor of the Xiaomi Yi...